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Monday, 4 August 2014

ever expanding blog post

The Ever Expanding Blog Post is a self-interview by a series of artists, makers and designers who ask themselves the same 4 questions and then pass the interview on to other creators they respect. A social media chain letter of sorts. Thank you Lily of Gamma Folk for inviting me.

What am I working on?
I am  in the exhausting (but i love it) process of completing vol. 3 of my knitting  booklets, that i self-publish & locally print, that will contain all new designs, most from my upcoming fw/14 shop update. I just recently released the pre-fall collection, that focuses on techniques such as fringe application, bobbles, using custom dyed wool, shaping & even some traditional lace designs.
 I couldn't wait on sharing the lookbook, that i worked on w/ friends brooke & hollie, so that is how that came about so soon. In the fall, i will feature the rest of the lookbook, & some more photos i shot w/ my friend alyssa, since i added more knits to the collection. 
I am working on so many projects at the moment,(such as finally tackling  enfant/toddler, & beginning design stages of  decor wall hangings & jewelry making).  i just can't even afford all of  the resources needed, so for me i am trying to just pull back my enthusiasm & not  allow it to get me down.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I am pretty stubborn with the integrity of my designs, which focuses on the beauty of the  natural fibers, as well as minimalist shapes. Honestly, i still design for myself, "would i wear this & will i continue to want to wear this", i focus to not stray from that sentiment. It is important that my work is wearable, sustainable & ,  that can it be easily mixed into a changing wardrobe.

Why do I create what I do?
For me, it started as an instant obsession, that came about as a way of releasing my creativity through developing my own skills of handicraft. I was inspired to find new innovative ways to develop & knit patterns, w/out a lot of the traditional hang ups of knitting. I continue to knit because it is creative outlet that allows me to independently help support my family. As well, i feel a connection to the political and community based actions that fair trade and small independent businesses empower. 

 How does my creative process work?
At this moment, i am feeling manically creativity, but i still definitely  am experiencing  periods where i suffer creatively through blocks, usually it is caused by forcing it, or so much self-doubt.

Sincerely thanks for reading this post & please make sure to check out the following  self-interviewers;
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

sneak peek/ introducing the omemee toque

sneak peek/ introducing the omemee toque, in orange (silk/alpaca/merino fair trade wool from peru, also available in charcoal, indigo, & fawn). this pattern will also be in the good night day: modern & minimalist knitting booklet vol 3 (in limited printing).
model: alyssa garrison, & necklace c/o gamma folk, omemee toque: good night, day

behind the scenes/ working on the new knitting booklet

this summer, i've spent a lot of time struggling w/ all of the self-defeating  demons of having a independent shop, & fighting the urge to just give up. working behind the scenes, on the new knitting booklet vol.# 3, it can be a very overwhelming experience, & yet still gratifying in the end to know it was all just me, & i was able to publish these booklets locally. i hope you will take the opportunity to pre-order the booklets, as  printing is really limited ,it is always hard keeping the booklets in stock. i've really pushed myself creatively, & i love the new designs that will be featured in vol. 3. thanks to everyone that has already ordered their copy!

(alyssa helped out modeling, & i took a turn behind the lens, to capture looks
that didn't make it in time for the lookbook shot earlier)

(knitting everywhere & trying out the new omemee toque, which i am just ecstatic over, & i know knitters will really enjoy these everywhere/organic cables)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Alyssa in the Welland w/ Fringe

my beautiful friend Alyssa of random acts of pastel, kindly stepped in to model, just an impromptu shoot, that had me behind the lens, & i think that alyssa just nailed the "look bored & restless" perfectly. This Welland sweater w/ fringe is currently available in very limited custom merino wool by fiber artist on the round & also available in fair trade merino wool from Uruguay in natural, burnt orange, charcoal, & midnight. This welland sweater w/ fringe is also available for knitters in good night, day: modern & minimalist knitting booklet vol 1 (which is available for pre-order in limited printing, w/ a new design).