Wednesday, 23 July 2014

sneak peek/ introducing the omemee toque

sneak peek/ introducing the omemee toque, in orange (silk/alpaca/merino fair trade wool from peru, also available in charcoal, indigo, & fawn). this pattern will also be in the good night day: modern & minimalist knitting booklet vol 3 (in limited printing).
model: alyssa garrison, & necklace c/o gamma folk, omemee toque: good night, day

behind the scenes/ working on the new knitting booklet

this summer, i've spent a lot of time struggling w/ all of the self-defeating  demons of having a independent shop, & fighting the urge to just give up. working behind the scenes, on the new knitting booklet vol.# 3, it can be a very overwhelming experience, & yet still gratifying in the end to know it was all just me, & i was able to publish these booklets locally. i hope you will take the opportunity to pre-order the booklets, as  printing is really limited ,it is always hard keeping the booklets in stock. i've really pushed myself creatively, & i love the new designs that will be featured in vol. 3. thanks to everyone that has already ordered their copy!

(alyssa helped out modeling, & i took a turn behind the lens, to capture looks
that didn't make it in time for the lookbook shot earlier)

(knitting everywhere & trying out the new omemee toque, which i am just ecstatic over, & i know knitters will really enjoy these everywhere/organic cables)

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Alyssa in the Welland w/ Fringe

my beautiful friend Alyssa of random acts of pastel, kindly stepped in to model, just an impromptu shoot, that had me behind the lens, & i think that alyssa just nailed the "look bored & restless" perfectly. This Welland sweater w/ fringe is currently available in very limited custom merino wool by fiber artist on the round & also available in fair trade merino wool from Uruguay in natural, burnt orange, charcoal, & midnight. This welland sweater w/ fringe is also available for knitters in good night, day: modern & minimalist knitting booklet vol 1 (which is available for pre-order in limited printing, w/ a new design).

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Gamma Folk/ Collection three lookbook

"Collection Three explores the relationship between fiber and ceramics in jewelry. Influenced by geometric forms, natural processes and intuition, this collection showcases both their raw elements and beauty together. Each ceramic piece is hand built, one of a kind, and made of white earthenware, then glazed. The fibers are naturally dyed using plant based ingredients including logwood to achieve a range of purple colors, indigo for blues and black walnut hulls for light greys and tans." Lily  Piyathaisere, maker & designer of Gamma Folk
all photos c/o gamma folk, model: Tomie Peaslee, photos: Christine Han

Meet the Maker & 5 questions w/ Lily of Gamma Folk

Gamma Folk is an awe-inspiring & thoughtful jewelry line, created by maker & designer Lily Piyathaisere.
Her pieces evoke another time, with an obvious inspired nod to traditional handicraftLily herself is  "Influenced by folk art, mysticism, pop culture and the bauhaus, Gamma Folk is a celebration of aesthetics, experiments in technique and the preservation of craft." 

 what is your occupation?
Designer and maker for Gamma Folk, a fiber focused jewelry line. Also a graphic designer and part time day-dreamer.
what is your astrological sign?
what is your spirit animal?

why is supporting independent makers/designers so important to you personally?
I can sense an emptiness from mass produced items when I look or touch them. They feel dead, whereas, the work of independent makers/designers are full of life. I can feel the energy and love that is put into them and that unique perspective is something I'm proud to own. It's also important to me that I know where my products are coming from and that they are ethically made. Independent makers/designer are usually more transparent about their sources than corporations.

can you explain in some detail the process for making your pieces?
I keep a sketchbook and am always jotting down ideas and sketches for future items as they come. Inspiration comes in all forms: film, art, food, books, nature, nothingness. From there I like to experiment with natural dyeing processes to hone in on a color palette and textures I want to achieve. I then play with various fiber arts techniques including braiding, weaving and knotting. I've also recently incorporated ceramic components to my jewelry which has been great fun. And then from there I explore silhouettes and shapes and keep refining them until all their elements feel right.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

meet the maker: anabela of fieldguided (& 5 questions)

It must be a given by now that everyone is pretty familiar w/ the highly seen everywhere totes by toronto brand fieldguided, & now anabela & geoff have just released two much  anticipated new totes, along w/ an amazing new lookbook (probably no surprise i  i am a big fan of the beautiful inked model too).
 please  check out the new leonard cohen tote & zodiac symbols on marble tote in their bigcartel shop, before they all sell out. 
all q+a c/o anabela, all photos c/o fieldguided, model c/o lynlea combot, photos c/o effie watt 

what is your occupation?
I work in a library by day.

what is your astrological sign?

what is your spirit animal?
I took an online quiz that said swan ("Swans are idealistic, open-minded, and passionate") and I like the sound of that so I'll go with swan! 

why is supporting independent makers/designers so important to you personally?
So many reasons! First of all, as Brooke said before, buying things is inevitable in this style of economy, wouldn't the world be so boring if the only options we had were big-box stores and the mall? Others have said it before me, but independent makers and designers usually do their best to source materials that are of the highest quality and ethically sound. I really resent that so much of what we consume is so mysterious, and I resent that we are often tricked into buying things we don't want in our lives (e.g. "nature" being slapped on the label of a beauty product that is made of 98% toxic chemicals). There just seems to be so much more transparency in the independent world, and I really respect people who do their best to share their unique talents with us. I could prattle on!

can you explain in some detail the process for making your pieces?
There isn't too much to it... one of us will have an idea, we'll talk about it, sit on it for a few months, and then finally one day sit down with InDesign or Photoshop or a piece of paper and sketch it out. Sometimes a design will come immediately, sometimes it will go through draft after draft. Once we have a screen, Geoff prints our totes on our dining room table. That's about it!    

Monday, 23 June 2014

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

behind the scenes: my studio/work space & in my knits

just wanted to share some of  the photos i was asked to contribute for a recent q&a post that  featured good night, day on kollabora"To me, DIY is both personally liberating as well as consciously political."

(above, wearing my own Bancroft sweater w/ fringe details in a custom colourway & below in my own Welland sweater w/ shoulder fringe details, both available in the good night day in limited quanity)

Sunday, 15 June 2014

limited pre-order GND booklets

So, I will definitely be doing a limited printing of all the good night day  knitting booklets, & I will indeed to be putting out VOL. 3, which will include pre-fall, as well as unseen f/w 14 patterns too!
please take a peek, if you don't want to miss out!

these are my own copies, so don't worry you won't be getting all the scribbled notes.