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Friday, 8 August 2014

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Gamma Folk/ Collection three lookbook

"Collection Three explores the relationship between fiber and ceramics in jewelry. Influenced by geometric forms, natural processes and intuition, this collection showcases both their raw elements and beauty together. Each ceramic piece is hand built, one of a kind, and made of white earthenware, then glazed. The fibers are naturally dyed using plant based ingredients including logwood to achieve a range of purple colors, indigo for blues and black walnut hulls for light greys and tans." Lily  Piyathaisere, maker & designer of Gamma Folk
all photos c/o gamma folk, model: Tomie Peaslee, photos: Christine Han

Meet the Maker & 5 questions w/ Lily of Gamma Folk

Gamma Folk is an awe-inspiring & thoughtful jewelry line, created by maker & designer Lily Piyathaisere.
Her pieces evoke another time, with an obvious inspired nod to traditional handicraftLily herself is  "Influenced by folk art, mysticism, pop culture and the bauhaus, Gamma Folk is a celebration of aesthetics, experiments in technique and the preservation of craft." 

 what is your occupation?
Designer and maker for Gamma Folk, a fiber focused jewelry line. Also a graphic designer and part time day-dreamer.
what is your astrological sign?
what is your spirit animal?

why is supporting independent makers/designers so important to you personally?
I can sense an emptiness from mass produced items when I look or touch them. They feel dead, whereas, the work of independent makers/designers are full of life. I can feel the energy and love that is put into them and that unique perspective is something I'm proud to own. It's also important to me that I know where my products are coming from and that they are ethically made. Independent makers/designer are usually more transparent about their sources than corporations.

can you explain in some detail the process for making your pieces?
I keep a sketchbook and am always jotting down ideas and sketches for future items as they come. Inspiration comes in all forms: film, art, food, books, nature, nothingness. From there I like to experiment with natural dyeing processes to hone in on a color palette and textures I want to achieve. I then play with various fiber arts techniques including braiding, weaving and knotting. I've also recently incorporated ceramic components to my jewelry which has been great fun. And then from there I explore silhouettes and shapes and keep refining them until all their elements feel right.

Monday, 9 June 2014

meet the brand: mayflower supply / liz hull (& five questions)

Mayflower Supply Spring 14 lookbook/ Botanical Gardens at Smith College
Photographer: Greg Wasserstrom, Stylist: Emily Theobald, Model: Ali Breslin ,Art Director: Liz Hull

Special Thanks: Botanical Gardens at Smith College

what is your occupation? Shop owner at Mayflower Supply, and I also do some digital marketing and content strategy for a digital marketing agency here in NYC.

what is your astrological sign? Cancer
what is your spirit animal? Zebra–cuz they're always wearing stripes!

why is supporting independent makers/designers so important to you personally? I think there is this wonderful camaraderie and support system in place that draws makers and independent to one another. I just admire anyone who is working their ass off for themselves, making incredible jewelry, bags, clothing–you name it. Additionally, I'm lucky enough to call a lot of these makers friends, and I want to support my friends creative endeavors regardless, so why not carry them in my shop if I can?
I also think it's hard to find well made clothing and accessories these days. Low quality mass production is the norm, so finding designers who makes things with such thoughtfulness and skill is a rare, and thrilling thing. I'm naturally drawn to quality like that.

can you explain in some detail the inspiration behind your brand? I’ve always had a strong connection to the past—my father has always been mildly obsessed with our family’s heritage throughout the Northeast, and in fact, my ancestors came over on the Mayflower, which is where the shop name comes from. It only feels natural to transfer that connection to one of the few things that remain from the past: clothing.
Additionally, the ideas of quality and pride are deep rooted in American culture, especially from the clothing manufacturing industry that was so prominent in New England during the industrial age. Those values are the cornerstone of Northeast culture, and one of the main reasons why I love vintage. It’s a direct connection to the past and it's difficult to find that kind of quality in clothing these days.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Loved One, June Vacation Lookbook

all photos & clothing  c/o the loved one 
photos: veronica chanel, model: alexis blankenship,
 stylist: sasha gold, hair: cara underwood

Monday, 2 June 2014

Meet the Jewelry Designer of Young Frankk / Christine Young (& five questions)

i've long been attracted to Christine's work since she opened, her jewelry is bold, yet minimal & her lookbooks are always one step ahead,never failing to endlessly inspire. Please check out Christine Young's shop Young Frankk. all photos c/o young frankk, lookbooks 2012-2014 all photos credit sources here. 

What is your occupation?
 Jewelry Designer and Maker for Young Frankk

What is your astrological sign?
What is your spirit animal?
 I would say a bird because I would love to fly!

why is supporting independent makers/designers so important to you personally?
 It is important to be aware of the vast amount of creatives and makers out there that pour their heart and soul into each and every piece of design that they create, which is a unique and one of a kind product for every persons who buys it. And by supporting their work you are creating a more sustainable community and economy and also helping to reduce environmental impact. No matter how small our actions can seem, it all adds up to make a meaningful difference. 

can you explain in detail the process for making your jewlery?
Every piece starts off in sketch form then is brought to form by hand cutting from a metal sheet using a jewelers saw or hand sculpted from wax then cast in metal using the lost wax technique. Then the metal components are hand polished or tumbled in a tumbler to bring out the shine and then assembled together by hand or by soldering. 

Monday, 26 May 2014

meet the artist: agnes thor (& five questions)

Agnes Thor was the first to respond when i asked & i am not surprised, since i don't think i am wrong in assuming from  just looking at her work that she is a lady capable of expressing & feeling on many levels of emotions. i was feeling vulnerable having jsut released my lookbook, & wanted to reach out to other creatives & focus attention elsewhere.  I've posted her photography before, & i was even stunned & thrilled when she shot photos of hannah in the good night day petawawa toque. thank you agnes. all photos c/o Agnes Thor, please check out her work website & tumblr.

what is your occupation? artist and photographer.
what is your astrological sign?
what is your spirit animal?

why is supporting independent makers/designers/artists so important to you personally?
I'd like to live in a world where there aren't only a few big companies ruling the market, and to stop that from happening I believe it's important to support smaller brands and designers.
 I also like knowing where the products come from, and preferably that the makers source materials that are produced in a sustainable and fair way. It's easier to get to the source when getting things from smaller brands.

can you explain in some detail the creative process for your work ?
Usually it begins with a vague idea that I then develop through reading, photographing and just keeping it in the back of my head for a while. Often I have a show that I'm working towards and that really helps pushing me to focus and finish something.
Right now I have a vague idea that I'm working on - it's about horses, but I haven't really found a way or a clear topic, so I just seek out different situations related to horses and then, photograph, try out ideas and do a lot of reading alongside of that. It's a pretty slow process, but I like it that way.